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Do you operate a security enterprise?

We have a solution designed to cater to  a spectrum of entities, including private police, mobile patrol surveillance companies, electronic security system providers, and manufacturers & distributors of security equipment. 

Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions

Proudly affiliated with CANASA since 2011, MTS has worked with hundreds of security providers.  This has given broader understanding of the dynamic needs of the business which helped us perfect our solution.

  Our payment processing software is designed to cater to home, commercial, and industrial security providers.  This game-changer for business owners simplifies the billing process and automated invoicing so you can shift the focus more on what you do best.


Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions


Fully managed pre-authorized subscription payments for Digital, IP, GSM, PERS, and Video Monitoring with simplified one-time payment capacity for equipment purchases, service calls, and installations

Integrated automated recurring invoicing for a streamlined issuance process


Securely backed up and protected data accessible on demand by authorized users that you define



Seamlessly integrates your growing list of subscribers without limit or incorporate your business expansion without roadblock


Enhanced functionality as it enables third-party software to integrate into our API


Well-defined, predictable, and stable workflow that provides accurate data and information



Personalized user experience for a variety of security service business models  with multi-language support



Highly effective proprietary delinquent membership fee recovery process



Accessible automated reporting on demand 24/7 with easy-to-follow workflow

Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions

Do you want a better way to manage your business as security service provider?

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