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Do you run a non-profit?

We have a solution to maximize fundraising campaigns of non-profits such as charities, social services, community development, healthcare, religious, and welfare organizations.

Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions

Precision, reliability, and efficiency is the name of the game in the financial service industry and we share these values and incorporate them into our solutions.

These non-negotiables describe our bespoke payment processing software best. Whether you are a start-up or a large-scale enterprise, MTS has your back. Our seamless billing process and automated invoicing amplify the customer experience and expand your clientele.


Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions


Fully managed pre-authorized payments for donations, pledges, contributions

Integrated automated invoicing for a streamlined issuance process


Securely backed up and protected data accessible on demand by authorized users that you define



Seamlessly integrates increasing number of campaigns, missions or causes, growing number of branches or incorporate expansion of campaign reach without roadblocks


Enhanced functionality as it enables third-party software to integrate to our API


Well-defined, predictable, and stable workflow that provides accurate data and information



Custom notifications that are specific to your non-profit organization and the unique profile of your clients



Collaborating with your organization to maximize contributions while being respectful of your donors


Accessible automated reporting on demand 24/7with easy-to-follow workflow

Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions

Do you want a better way to collect payment for your services?

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