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Do you operate a fitness business?

​We have a solution for your business, perfect for gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, dance studios, martial arts studios, climbing centers, cross fit and any fitness clubs that offer memberships.

Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions

Say goodbye to cumbersome transactions and hello to a seamless solution that elevates the billing process and automated invoicing, enhances customer experience, and increases membership retention.

One of the most sought-after features of our software is the capability to enable third-party software to integrate into our API. This streamlines processes and opens up vast opportunities to scale operations and expand market reach. 


Antaris, a prominent player in the realm of club management software, has seamlessly integrated with our platform. Aptly named MTS-Antaris, this solution automates all aspects of the fitness club business - check-ins, scheduling, booking, training, billing, KPI tracking, reporting, POS, and more. Tailored for versatility, MTS-Antaris caters to fitness clubs of all sizes and types. It streamlines business operations and enhances data tracking, email communications, personal training sales, and more to build additional revenue streams.

The integrability of third-party softwares to MTS unlocks vast opportunities for the lifestyle and fitness business to thrive. Let’s start a conversation with our team of developers who can realize promising possibilities.


Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions


Fully managed pre-authorized club membership payments and recurring billing solution with automated workflow for club check-ins, studio class schedules, one-on-one training sessions, membership billing, and more administrative tasks


Securely backed up and protected data accessible on demand by authorized users that you define



Seamlessly integrates  increasing club membership or incorporate club branch expansion and fitness business scale-up without roadblocks

Do you want a better way to manage your fitness business?


Enhanced functionality as it enables third-party software, such as Antaris, to integrate into our API


Well-defined, predictable, and stable workflow that provides accurate data and information



Personalized user experience for a variety of fitness and lifestyle  business models with multi-language support



Highly effective proprietary delinquent membership fee recovery process



Accessible reporting on demand 24/7 with easy-to-follow workflow

Recurring Billing Software & Pre-authorized Payments Solutions
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