New to recurring billing? Check our our FAQs section below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us today!

Is it easy to get started?

Yes, all you do is provide us with your business and contact information and we will initialize and activate your software, schedule an orientation to show you how to enter your customer data and review the process. You will then be ready for pre-authorized payment processing. Our system works in conjunction with your current workflow to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your staff.

Does our software work with your system?

We have a process to help convert all your current customer’s billing data into our software without needing to enter all your customer information manually.

Can your letters, emails and automated calls be customized?

Yes, all our automated notifications, letters, calls and emails can be fully customized to say exactly what you want. Of course, our experts are here to help you design a program that is effective and provides your customers with the best experience.

Who do my customers call if they have a processing question?

Your customers can continue to interact with your staff or, if you choose, they can speak to our highly-trained personnel to answer any processing questions they may have. Our exceptional customer service department is available to you at no additional charge.